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Fun Contra Dancing Photos!!!!


Rhode Island
SE Massachusetts
SE Connecticut
Fun Contra Dancing Photos!!!!

Contra Dancing Pictures!!
Unfortunatly most of these are not from the CT area, so please e-mail any pictures you may have to !!!! Thanks:)

Huh, seems too easy..hopefully this works:)
This photo was taken at a dawn dance (I think)
The people are Eric and Erica (once again, I think)
This is me (Cory) getting ready to leave for a dance,
ok so technically its not actually contra dancing,
but I think its funny-
My mother was taking forever to take the stupid picture
and I have this take the darn picture grin on my face!
This is a nicely capured picture of a swing in greenfield. 
The man is George and I'm afraid I can't remember the woman's name.
Cute little picture of our favorite Gary who maintains this site,
even while currently living in San Diego! 
This picture is of him and his friend Quena was taken in the
San Diego dance hall:)
This is Scot, many of you know him from Rehoboth,
although this picture was taken in Greenfield
Oh goodness... I'm gonna get killed for putting this picture up!
This is Eric and my friend Alicia- taken In Rehoboth
AliciaDR.jpg: Click to view full-size version
Fair's fair! This is my silly pic:) Cory and Eric, also in Rehoboth
CoryDR.jpg: Click to view full-size version
Another silly picture of me... Cory and Erik,
acting stupid in Geenfield!
CoryErik1.jpg: Click to view full-size version
A whole bunch of people swinging at NEFFA!
I don't know who took this picture
contraswing.jpg: Click to view full-size version
Sadly, those are all the pictures I have of contra dancing type things. 
I'm temped to just put up a bunch of funny pictures of my friends and me,
but that would kind of take away from the theme.
E-mail any pictures you have that would look good here!!!

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