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9/15/01 Cranston RI Dance


Rhode Island
SE Massachusetts
SE Connecticut
9/15/01 Cranston RI Dance

From: "jeanne chapman"
Subject: The Contradance is on for tonight
Date: Sat, 15 Sep 2001 12:36:02 -0400

Dear dancers,

First let me apologize if anyone gets this message more than once; I am trying not to miss anyone.

The dance is definitely on tonight at the Oaklawn Grange in Cranston. After conferring between the caller, band and committee members we have decided to go forward. The main reason is to give people a venue for getting together after a long summer and after a horrendous week. The company of other dancers can be a balm for the pain that we have experienced since Tuesday. As one of the band members put it: "I know contradancers, and if they knew when the end of the world was coming (and we are closer to it that we have ever been before), they would find a way to schedule around it". He also noted that his band is scheduled to play in Brooklyn, NY tomorrow.

It was entirely appropriate for Rehoboth to cancel in order to honor the Day of Remembrance and give us a chance to grieve. Our dance will serve another purpose - think of it as an act of defiance.

Love, Jeannie